BMW 1500 - 2000

The BMW 1500 was introduced at the Frankfurt car show in 1961. It had a four
cylinder engine with 75 HP. Production started in 1962 with a 80 HP engine.
In 1963 the 1800 was introduced wich had 90 HP. A 1800 Ti was now also available.
This model had 110 HP and a top speed of 170 km/h. In 1964 the 1600 replaced the
1500. In 1965 a special 1800 Ti/SA with 130 HP came available. The BMW 2000
came available in 1966 and had 100 HP. This model had a new grille with new
headlights. There was also a 2000 Ti available but this model did not have the
new grille. At the end of 1966 the 2000 Tilux was available. It had the same
grille as the 2000 so with the new headlights. The 1600 and the 1800 Ti went
out of production. In 1968 all models received a new dashboard and the 2000 Ti
went out of production. In 1969 the 2000tii with mechanical fuel injection replaced
the 2000 Tilux and now had 130 HP and a 5 speed gearbox. In 1971 the 1800
received the same grille as the 2000. In 1972 all models went out of production.