BMW 1502 - 2002

The first 02 series available was the 1600-2. It came available in 1966 and had a
four cylinder engine with 85 HP and a top speed of 160 km/h. In 1967 the 1600 Ti
and a Baur convertible came available. The 1600 Ti had 105 HP. In 1968 the 2002
came available. This model had a four cylinder engine with 100 HP. The 2002ti
replaced the 1600 Ti and now had 120 HP. In 1971 the 1600-2 was replaced with
a 1602 and a new 1802 came available. The 2002tii with mechanical fuel injection
replaced the 2002ti. There was also a touring model introduced. It was available
as 1600, 1800 and 2000. Baur also replaced their 1600 convertilbe with a new
2002 convertible. In 1972 the 1600 touring went out of production so the touring
was now only available as 1800 or 2000. In 1973 the 02 series received a facelift.
They now had a black plastic grille and bigger rear lights. The touring however,
kept the round rear lights. The 2002 Turbo came available wich had a turbo engine
with 170 HP and a top speed of 212 km/h. It went out of production a year later.
In 1975 a 1502 was introduced and all other models went out of production.
The 1502 was available until 1977. The 02 series also had an internal BMW
code wich was 114.