BMW E31 8 Series

The E31 8 series was introduced in 1989. It was available as 2 door coupe.
There was one model available: the 850i wich had a twelve cylinder engine
with 300 HP and a top speed of 250 km/h. In 1993 the 850Ci replaced the 850i.
There were also two new models available: the 840Ci and the 850CSi. The
840Ci had an eight cylinder engine with 286 HP. The 850 CSi had a twelve
cylinder that had 380 HP. The 850CSi had a special M package wich included
M style wheels and mirrors. In 1994 the 850Ci received more power. It now
had 326 HP. In 1996 the 840 Ci received a new engine but there were no
changes in power or top speed. The 850CSi went out of production in 1997.
All other 8 Series were available until 1999. There is no new 8 Series available.