BMW E30 M3

The first M3 was introduced in 1986. It was based on the E30 3 series.
It had a four cylinder engine with 200 HP. It was also available with catalist.
This model had 195 HP. In 1989 the M3 received a new engine with 215 HP.
There was also a convertible available. This model was introduced in 1988 and
was available until 1991. This model had a four cylinder with 200 HP.
In 1992 a new M3 was introduced so the E30 M3 went out of production.

Evolution 2: This model was available in 1988 as Evolution 2.
The Evolution 2 had a 2.3 litre engine with 220 HP and a top speed of 244 km/h.
Some differences between the standard M3 and the Evolution 2 included a higher
compression ratio, some lighter bodyparts, a deeper front spoiler and bigger wheels.
The Evolution 2 was available in Misano Red, Macao Blue or Nogaro Silver.
There were only 501 build between March and May 1988.

Evolution 3: This model was available in 1990 as Sport Evolution.
The Evolution 3 was available in red or black only and had grey cloth or black
leather Recaro bucket seats. The engine was a 2.5 litre 16 valve wich had 238 HP.
The front and rear spoilers recieved adjustable splitters and BMW fitted the optional
16 inch cross spoke wheels as standard. Also standard was a suede steering wheel,
a suede gearknob, a suede handbrake grip and a three way adjustable suspension.